Lower cost

Saving is accomplished in design, manufacturing and erection cost.


Quality control

PEB’s are manufactured under controlled conditions depending on the site and hence the quality is assured.


Low maintenance

PEB’s have high quality paint systems for cladding which gives long durability and low maintenance costs.

What Is

Pre-Engineered Buildings (PEB)

Pre-engineered buildings are buildings that are built in factories and are made of steel that are shipped to site and bolted together. PEB revolutionized the construction market using built up sections in place of conventional hot rolled sections. PEB are steel structures built over a structural concept of primary members, secondary members, roof & wall sheeting connected to each other & various other building components. The building can be provided with skylight, wall lights, turbo vents, ridge ventilators, roof monitors, doors & windows trusses, mezzanine floors, fascias, canopies, crane system, insulators etc, based on customers' requirements. These buildings are custom designed to be lighter in weight & high in strength. It is also economical in cost, factory controlled quality, durability, longevity, flexibility in expansion, environment friendly, faster installation etc.

Typical Pre-engineered Building
Typical Pre-engineered Building

PEB concept involves the steel building systems which are pre designed and prefabricated. As the name itself indicates, there is involvement of pre engineering of structural elements. The basis of PEB is to provide the section at the specified location only according to the need at that spot. The sections may differ along the length according to the bending moment diagram. The use of optimal least section leads to the effective saving of steel and also reduction in the cost, thanks to the reduction in logistics and overall labour.

Types of PEB’s

Primary system

This system involves tapered or parallel columns or tapered beams which are called rafters. Base of column is either fixed or pinned based on the load requirements.

Secondary system

It consists of purlins, grits which are the side claddings, eave struts stiffened by sag rods and flange stiffeners which joins the untied flanges of the PEB primary system to the secondary system.

Wind bracing system

Rod bracing and the portal system are the two types of wind bracing systems. Each one is chosen accordingly depending on design and functional requirement.

Areas in which

PEB’s are Implementing

Factories & Warehouses

Gas stations


Aircraft hangers

Metro stations

Vehicle parking sheds

Schools & Indoor stadium roofs

Bridges & Railway platform shelters

Outdoor stadium canopies

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